Top 15 Best Horse Hoof Supplements

Whether you are looking to increase the speed of your horse, or just want them to look their best while galloping across the field, there is a hoof supplement for you.

While most people think that supplements are only meant for horses with health problems, this could not be further from the truth.

Many horses live long and healthy lives if given proper care and nutrition, but some additional supplements can really help them out along the way.

Before purchasing any product it is very important to do your research on all available options.

This blog post will go over the 15 best horse hoof supplements that are currently on sale today as well as what to look for when buying one.

What supplements are good for horses hooves?

To have healthy hoofs, you need to give your horse some biotin and methionine. These are just two of the things that are needed. You also need lysine, zinc, copper, and calcium. They need these things to grow strong hooves.

Do horse hoof supplements work?

Yes, a horse’s hoof supplement will help, but it might not be the best answer. You need to feed your horse a balanced diet so you can get long-term results.

What does a hoof supplement do?

A hoof supplement is a food that your horse eats to help ensure he has the building blocks he needs for healthy hooves. One of the best ingredients found in a supplement is biotin, which studies have shown can improve the growth rate and hardness of hooves.

Reviews of the top 15 best horse hoof supplements

Farnam Horseshoer’s Secret Pelleted Hoof Supplement for Horses

Farnam Horseshoer's Secret Pelleted Hoof Supplement 11...
  • Promote hoof health from the inside out
  • Supplies vital nutritional support to protect hooves and promote...
  • Supports cracked hooves and helps maintain normal hoof walls
  • Farnam Horseshoers Secret Pelleted Hoof Supplement is a scientifically engineered pellet feed to promote healthy feet. These pellets are packed with everything horses need on their journey to healthy hooves.
  • With ingredients like Alfalfa meal, Citrus pectinase, Fish oil concentrate, Linseed, Yeast extract & Silicon dioxide these pellets will protect your horse’s feet while at the same time nourishing them from the inside out.
  • Whether you’re racing or just turning out for pleasure, lining up in contests, or just sitting around at home- this supplement can help keep your horse’s hooves fully endorsed and footed.
  • This is one of the rare hoof supplements for horses that combines biotin, key amino acids lysine and methionine, minerals such as copper and zinc, omega 3 & 6 fatty acids with highly palatable pellets.
  • It also features our trusted brand that is recommended by farriers, veterinarians, and equine professionals all over the nation.
  • This supplement can be fed to one horse every day for 30 days at a time in six-ounce portions to turn their weak legs into strong ones – seeing noticeable results after just eight weeks!

Horse Health Joint Combo Hoof & Coat 3-in-1 supplement

Horse Health Joint Combo Hoof & Coat 8 pounds 64 day supply
  • A convenient 3-in-1 product for complete joint, hoof and coat care
  • Helps support normal joint function and collagen synthesis with a...
  • Provides excellent hoof conditioning with 16mg per 2oz of biotin
  • Horse Health Joint Combo Hoof & Coat 3-in-1 is a convenient package for your horse.
  • This product works to support normal joint function and collagen synthesis with glucosamine HCl, chondroitin sulfate, Vitamin C, manganese, and MSM.
  • The product also provides excellent hoof care by improving flexibility and reducing breakage with 16mg of biotin per 2oz tube.
  • It is formulated to support healthy skin and a lustrous show ring coat.
  • It contains omega fatty acids which maintain beautiful skin and feel softer than ever before.
  • With all life stages covered, I ensure that this supplement supports every horse in their lifetime.

Horse Health Biotin Crumbles for Horses

-28% Sale
Horse Health Vita Biotin Crumbles, supports proper hoof...
  • Contains biotin to support healthy hoof growth
  • Supports strong hoof walls
  • Biotin plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates,...
  • All horses need one thing to be happy and healthy: a strong hoof. That’s why Horse Health Biotin Crumbles for Horses is the perfect supplement to any meal.
  • Made with biotin, these crumbles help keep your horse’s hooves growing long and strong day in and day out.
  • It supports healthy nail growth, strengthening their keratin fibers, promoting strength against fracture or splitting, and serving as an important natural moisturizer.
  • Plus they’re easy-to-feed so your horse will never know it’s there–unless you want them to.
  • And because they come in two sizes (40 Day and 320 Day) the home barn owners can easily find their feeding goal for every use from everyday requirements.

Manna Pro Sho-Hoof Supplement for Horses

Manna Pro Sho-Hoof Supplement for Horses | Biotin and Zinc...
  • OPTIMAL BIOTIN LEVELS: Provides 20mg of Biotin, which is the optimal...
  • HIGH IN METHIONINE: Contains 8,500mg of Methionine and 187mg of...
  • ENRICHED WITH OMEGA 3S: Omega 3 fatty acids and amino acids support...
  • Sho-Hoof Supplement is a scientifically formulated supplement for horses.
  • It contains Biotin to help maintain hooves, Methionine for overall hoof soundness.
  • It has high Omega 3 contents to support strong, healthy skin and coats while providing Chelated Zinc for advanced performance.
  • The supplement comes in an easy-to-feed form that your horse will love!

Farrier’s Formula Pelleted Hoof and Coat Supplement For Horses

-61% Sale
Farrier's Formula Refill Bag, 11 lbs; Pelleted Hoof and Coat...
  • Provides nutrients for building strong hoof capsule connective tissue
  • Promotes healthy hoof structure and growth
  • 1 recommended product by farriers in the u s for twelve consecutive...
  • Farrier’s Formula is one of the most trusted, well-regarded hoof supplements around.
  • You can use this supplement to help keep your horse healthy on the inside and out.
  • It provides nutrients for building strong hoof capsule connective tissue which promotes healthy hoof structure and growth while promoting a more glossy coat deep color with strong joint ligaments.
  • One bag contains 11lb of pellets that are easy to feed directly to your horse!
  • Made with wholesome ingredients, it will provide proper nutrition to grow out any cracks or wall problems you may have along with making an impact on strengthening joints and ligaments.
  • A 30 day supply is really handy for busy owners.

Farnam Horseshoer’s Hoof Conditioner

-34% Sale
Farnam Horseshoer's Secret Deep-Penetrating Hoof...
  • Reconstructive power of avocado oil helps support strong hooves
  • Helps prevent cracks, splits and contracted heels
  • Exclusive moisturizing formula deep conditions hooves
  • Farnam Horseshoer’s Hoof Conditioner is strong enough for tough hooves.
  • The avocado oil-based formulation reconstructs and repairs hooves.
  • It also prevents cracks, splits, and contracted heels.
  • It moisturizes the hoof to improve its health, lures moisture to the dry regions of cartilage to revive it.
  • It comes in a convenient 12 oz package with a resealable top so you can use only what you need during each application.

Farnam Horsehoer’s Secret Extra Strength Supplement

Farnam Horseshoer's Secret Extra Strength 7.5 lbs 60 Day...
  • Provides optimum nutrition for strong, healthy hooves, tendons and...
  • Helps grow strong, tough flexible hooves
  • Supports cracked hooves & maintains normal hoof walls
  • Farnam Horseshoer’s Secret Extra Strength Supplement is a food supplement that provides optimum nutrition for strong, healthy hooves, tendons, and ligaments.
  • It helps grow strong, tough flexible hooves and supports cracked hooves by helping to maintain normal horse hoof walls.
  • It also contains biotin to help support the filling of cracks in the wall between the toes when applied daily over a period of three weeks or so following periods of increased biting from shoeing or environmental conditions such as colder temperatures, rocks on turnout fields with snowmelt running off them onto wet footing etcetera.
  • The product contains easy-to-feed extruded nuggets that have been developed by equine Ph.D. nutritionists.

Farnam HB 15 Hoof Supplement

Farnam HB 15 Hoof Supplement, Supports Healthy hoof Growth 3...
  • Supports healthy hoof growth
  • Prevents cracked hooves & weak walls
  • Supports strong, resilient hooves to help hold shoes longer
  • Farnam HB 15 provides a complete hoof supplement to help supplement your horse’s diet.
  • Compared to other supplements on the market, Farnam HB actually has 20 mg of biotin per 1 oz., which is 4 times more than most others.
  • This will help ensure that their hooves are growing strong and resilient so they can also hold shoes well.
  • Farnam was formulated by top equine nutritionists because it contains methionine & lysine for essential amino acids necessary for healthy hoof growth and tissue maintenance.
  • Combined with an electrolyte source, fulvic acid, selenium, iron & B12 vitamins our formula supports proper circulation to support optimal nutrient transportation for your horse.

Equine Hoof Guard Concentrated Hoof Supplement

Equine Hoof Guard Concentrated Hoof Supplement For Horses...
  • GROWS NEW HOOF STRONGER & FASTER - includes 32 mg of biotin in only 2...
  • EASY TO FEED, ECONOMICAL & HIGHLY CONCENTRATED - features two to three...
  • Equine Hoof Guard Concentrated Hoof Supplement is a highly-concentrated solution to encourage natural hoof growth.
  • The formula includes 32 mg of biotin in every 2-ounce bottle, along with the essential methionine and zine vitamins that are found inside.
  • This concentration provides you with superior results when compared to other products that only include 1/2 or less of the dosage.
  • It also contains MSM, an ingredient that helps strengthen the structural proteins of your horse’s hooves not contained in other supplements!
  • This product can be easily fed at any time during the day without worrying about overfeeding – it features two-to-three times more biotin.

Horse Guard Equine Hoof and Coat Supplement

  • GROWS NEW HOOF STRONGER & FASTER - includes 100 mg of biotin plus...
  • PROMOTES LONGER, THICKER MANES & TAILS - includes select aminio acids...
  • "SHINES A HORSE UP" thanks to soy protein and oil
  • This Hoof and Hair Guard product is a carefully curated, high-quality formula that will clean, condition, feed the hair shaft with amino acids to help it become stronger and grow faster.
  • This supplement includes 100mg of biotin plus methionine for wholesome nutrition.
  • Suitable for horses of all shapes and sizes (and energetic personalities).
  • This supplement promotes the growth of manes and tails too thanks to soy protein/oil, lysine if your horse is having any difficulties keeping up with his coat.
  • It features easy feeding/administration by way of an economical scoop – be sure to use it twice daily for best results!

Farnam Horseshoer’s Secret Pelleted Hoof Supplement Concentrate

Farnam Horseshoer's Secret Pelleted Hoof Supplement...
  • Promotes healthy hoof growth
  • Helps prevent cracked hooves and strengthen hoof walls
  • Packed with biotin, minerals, essential amino acids, yeast culture and...
  • Farnam Horseshoers’s Secret Pelleted Supplement is a great way to ensure that your horse has the nutrients it needs.
  • This supplement helps to prevent cracked hooves and strengthens hoof wall structures.
  • It can be found in 11 lb., 22 lb., and 38 lb sizes, giving you more flexibility for feeding or stocking up on this important product by bulk pricing.
  • This supplement can be an essential tool as it contains only pure ingredients such as minced hay, oat groats, corn gluten meal, soybean mill feed spread, and molasses made from cane sugar.
  • Everything works together to support the normal growth of a hoof while also acting as a preventive measure against weakening areas around the hoof.

Durvet Biotin Daily Hoof Care Supplement (2 Packs)

(2 Pack) Biotin Daily Hoof Care Supplement
  • 2 Pack Of Biotin Crumbles Hoof Care Supplement
  • Easy to feed apple flavored pellets.
  • Hoof coat and digestive supplement is formulated to provide optimum...
  • Durvet Biotin Daily Hoof Care Supplement for horses is an apple-flavored pellet that’s specifically formulated to effectively promote healthy, strong hooves.
  • Along with a high-quality diet and careful grooming, Durvet helps support optimal health by incorporating the essential nutrients needed for healthy hoof growth.
  • If you’re searching for nutritional supplements designed to protect your horse’s gorgeous hooves from breakage or discomfort, this one might be the thing for you.
  • The product comes in 2 packs with a 36-72 days supply for each which is a great option for busy horse owners who don’t want to refill the supply too often.

Majesty’s Biotin Wafers Equine Hoof and Coat Supplement

-19% Sale
Majesty's Biotin Wafers - Superior Horse / Equine Hoof and...
  • FOR HORSES — 99% Pure Biotin with Methionine, Lysine, Zinc, and...
  • ONE MONTH SUPPLY — each package contains 30 wafers, our superior...
  • NO WASTE — horses often will ignore top dressed feed with powders or...
  • The Majesty’s Biotin Wafers Equine Hoof and Coat Supplement are made for the busy horse owner.
  • It has been combined with 99% pure biotin, methionine, lysine zinc, and copper to produce a convenient equestrian supplement that is easy to use on your horse’s coat and hooves.
  • There is more than enough in every package of our superior wafers to last for an entire month without running out or wasting any supplements!
  • These wafers are made with molasses, oats, and apple sauce for the best quality supplement.
  • They’re also 98% feedable so your horse will still eat them because they taste like apples.
  • Feeding your horses our wafers can go a long way in ensuring they remain strong, enjoy excellent health, and grow their glorious coat!

Vita Flex Master’s Hoof Blend Hoof Health Formula for Horses, 320 Day Supply

Vita Flex Master's Hoof Blend hoof health formula, 128 Day...
  • Biotin rich formula, contains 20 mg of biotin per ounce. Contains high...
  • Includes three bioavailable chelated trace minerals - zinc, copper and...
  • Each ounce also supplies 300 mg of cystine, vitamin B6 and a...
  • The Biotin Rich Formula is the solution to the problem of hoof health, with high levels of methionine and lysine needed for biotin to be effective.
  • The product also supplies cysteine, vitamin B6, and a six-culture microbial complex for healthy digestion.
  • This product will help you maintain your horse’s natural quality of life through good nutrition.
  • Master’s Hoof Blend is the perfect addition to your horse’s diet because it helps maintain healthy hooves.
  • The blend includes alfalfa meal, active dry yeast, and corn oil for a delicious formulation that can be added to animal fodder or feed.
  • Proper nutrition promotes healthy hooves – give Master’s Hoof Blend once per day at 1 oz to do just that!

Cox Veterinary Labs Hoof Secret 9LB

Cox Veterinary Labs Hoof Secret 9LB
  • Cox Veterinary Labs
  • Highly palatable Alfalfa based pellet
  • Promotes new hoof growth Improves hoof hardness hoof thickness and...
  • Many equine owners are interested in improving their horse’s hooves.
  • With Cox Veterinary Labs Hoof Secret, horse owners can now do exactly that with the help of Alfalfa-based pellets developed by veterinarians.
  • This high-level vitamin supplement is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals including Biotin, Methionine Lysine Zinc.
  • The combination promotes new hoof growth, improves hardness and thickness of the hoof as well as help end tender feet.
  • Available in 9lb bags for convenience, the easy access to the product means every horse owner has better grounds for success with this improvement secret!

Important hoof supplement components to know about


Biotin is a vitamin that helps the body to use food in order to have energy. Biotin also makes nails grow longer in humans and hooves grow stronger in horses. Horses can get biotin by eating it, or they can get it from bacteria in their gut.

To give your horse biotin, you can either mix it with other supplements or just give it by itself.

If your horse is recovering from hoof disease, you need to mix the biotin with some other supplements. Biotin will help him to grow better.

If your horse is taking antibiotics for a long time, it can change the bacteria in their hindgut and they might need biotin supplements too.

Older horses also sometimes need more or less of this supplement if they are on an established diet for a long time because their gut has fewer bacteria in it that need this particular nutrient.


Methionine is a vitamin that horses need. They can’t make it, so they must have a diet high in methionine. When the cells in a horse’s hoof are connected, methionine has been found to be essential.

Methionine is good for detoxing and healthy feet. Cysteine (a precursor to methionine) is found in hoof walls and helps to strengthen them.

Horses can get methionine from grass, but the pasture should be grown based on sulfur balance. A low level of sulfur will make the grass produce less methionine.

Methionine as a supplement will improve horse hoofs, hair, and immune systems.


Horses need calcium in their diet. The ratio of calcium to phosphorus should be 2:1.

Horses only need about 20 grams of calcium each day, but you can give them more if they are being used in a race or for other activities.

Grains have less calcium than forages, so it is important to add some in the form of either organic or inorganic forms to their feed.

Calcium helps the horse absorb protein, which will help build healthy hoofs and bones

Zinc and copper

Zinc is important for horses. It helps with bone and hoof development. Zinc also plays a role in keratin development, which in turn helps protect cells from damage.

Horses need 400-500 milligrams of zinc per day in their diet, which is important for normal growth and healthy skin and hair.

Copper has different jobs. It connects cells and tissues. It helps in the synthesis of melanin pigment. And it acts as an antioxidant and stores iron. An ideal weight horse needs 100 to 200 mg of copper every day to stay healthy.

Hoof care tips

Horses need their hooves for many things. Healthy hooves make the horse less likely to get sick and fit in exercise. So here are a few tips you should keep in mind when caring for your horse’s hooves.

Before you put your horse in the stall, check his hooves for any small objects or stones that may be lodged there. If you find one, remove it.

Check his shoes every week and trim them if needed. In the winter, horseshoes take a bit longer to wear out so it is best not to change them then unless they are damaged or loose-fitting.

A horse needs to have a straight hoof pastern angle. The horseshoe should go back to the walls of the hoof (below the cannon bone). This way, your foot will remain in balance.

Make sure that you are keeping medial-lateral balance as well by making sure that your feet land in equal positions from every position.

Horses need vitamins to grow their hooves in a healthy way. The horse should eat hay and drink water. You should also give it biotin, iodine, methionine, and zinc every day.


With so many horse hoof supplements on the market, it can be hard to figure out which one is best for your needs.

The truth of the matter is that each supplement should be tailored to meet an individual’s specific needs and goals.

However, there are a few key things you should look for in any supplement before making a purchase decision. These include quality ingredients, trusted brands, and reasonable prices.

You want something that will provide real results without costing too much or causing side effects like stomach upset or allergic reactions.

We hope this list has helped narrow down your search.