RideAble believes that the animals, especially the horses, are the true staff.  We make every effort to insure that our horses are physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy to provide the most positive experience for both horse and rider.  The participants come to see the animals and bond quickly to "their" horse.  The horses get to know their individual students and treat them as an individual according to their needs and abilities.  The instructional staff guides the students through basic skills and games to enhance their personal growth and development.  Below are introductions to each of our staff.

Our Animal Staff

Bleu the Horse


Breed: Percheron/Appaloosa
Color: Black with white star
Sex:  Female-Mare
Height: 14 Hands 3 inches
D.O.B.: June 1996  (RideAble: 2007-owned)

Bleu came to RideAble in December 2007 after the tragic loss of another horse.  Bleu is a 16-year-old Percheron/Appaloosa mare with a very laid back, quiet disposition.  Because of her size she works mostly with the larger (150-200 lb.) students.  Many of these students do not have good balance, self-confidence, or stamina.  Bleu does a great job of keeping them centered by moving under them as she walks, helping them develop better self-esteem as they improve in the other areas while riding.

Bud the Horse

BUD-Retired (12/2014)

Breed: Haflinger/Belgian
Color: Palomino with white blaze & 4 white socks
Sex: Male-Gelding
Height: 14 Hands 2 inches
D.O.B.: 1995 (RideAble: 2011-leased) 

Chica the Horse


Breed: Kiger Mustang/Appaloosa
Color: Dun Buckskin, tri-colored mane & tail, dorsal stripe, left rear white ankle & star
Sex: Female-Mare
Height: 14 Hands 1 inch
D.O.B.: 1998  (RideAble: 2004-leased)

Lady Bug the Horse 


Breed: Mustang
Color: Tri-Colored Pinto
Sex: Female-Mare
Height: 13.2 hands
D.O.B.: 2000 (Rideable: 2012-leased)

May the Horse


Breed: Quarter Horse/Tennessee Walker
Color: Sorrel with white star & right white ankle
Sex: Female-Mare
Height: 15 Hands
D.O.B.: 1992  (RideAble: 2007-owned)

Reddi the Horse


Breed: Icelandic Horse
Color: Red with white star
Sex: Male-Gelding
Height: 13 Hands
D.O.B.: 1992 (RideAble: 2002-leased) 

 Lena the Horse


Breed: Paint
Color: Red Roan with white blaze & 3 socks (right front, rear)
Sex: Female-Mare
Height: 14 Hands 2 inches
D.O.B.: 2010 (RideAble: 2014-owned)



Breed: Quarter Horse Cross
Color: Red with light red mane & tail, white star
Sex: Female-Mare
Height: 14 Hands
D.O.B.: 2004 (RideAble: 2014-owned)

Ruby the Horse


Breed: Quarter Horse
Color:  Sorrel with white blaze & white right rear coronet
Sex: Female-Mare
Height: 15 Hands 2 Inches
D.O.B.:  1998 (RideAble: 2012-leased)

Whinney the Pony


Breed: Miniature Horse/Shetland Pony
Color: Chestnut
Sex: Female-Mare
Height: 10 Hands 1 inch
D.O.B.: 1992  (RideAble: 1996-owned) 


LAKOTA  (picture forthcoming)

Breed: Appaloosa
Color: Red roam with blanket
Sex: Male-Gelding
Height: 15 Hands 2 inches
D.O.B.: 2008 (RideAble: 2014-owned)


 Shasta (picture forthcoming)

Breed: Percheron/Morgan

Color: Bay

Sex: Mare

Height: 14 Hands 2 inches

Dash the Donkey


Breed: Miniature Donkey
Color: Gray
Sex: Male-Gelding
Height: 10 hands
D.O.B.: 1997 (RideAble: 2008-owned)


Bob the Goat


Breed: Pygmy
Color:  Chestnut
Sex: Male-Wether
D.O.B.: 2008 (RideAble: owned-2010)

Darby the Sheep


Breed: ½ Oxford, ¼ Cheviot, ¼ Dorset
Color: white
Sex: Female-Ewe
D.O.B.: March 5, 2011 (RideAble: owned)

MOLLEY MaGUIRE (picture forthcoming)

Breed: ¾ Oxford, 1/8 Cheviot, 1/8 Dorset
Color: White with black legs
Sex: Female-Ewe
D.O.B.: March 13, 2011 (RideAble: owned)

BJ the Horse


Breed: Tennessee Walker/Quarter Horse
Color: Sorrel with white star & left white ankle
Sex: Female-Mare
Height: 15 Hands
D.O.B.: 1992 (RideAble: 2004)

BJ was a Quarter Horse/Tennessee Walker mare that was with RideAble for 10 years. Prior to working with the special needs students at RideAble, BJ competed as a Hunter-Jumper. BJ had a very sweet and gentle personality and was extremely patient with her students. She was willing to do whatever was asked of her with the slightest cue if that is all the student was able to accomplish. However, if a student was capable of more and better cueing, she would require it of them.





























































































































































Our Human Staff

Sandi Treadaway: Program Director and Head Instructor

Sandi is a PATH, Intl certified instructor with over 25 years of experience as a riding instructor.  She has two Bachelor degrees from the University of Oregon and  a Master of Arts from the University of Montana.  Her current business runs programs in Montana as well as RideAble. 

Monica Liles: Substitute Instructor and Volunteer

Monica has been helping horses change lives at RideAble since 2002.  She has worked with kids living with special needs since 1982 and enjoys seeing them grow and accomplish skills that many thought unattainable.  Monica has an Associate degree in Animal Health and certifications with CHA (Certified Horsemanship Assoc.)  for standard instructor and Equine Facility Management.  Monica is stepping back from her past duties with RideAble to spend more time with family.  She will continue to help us out as needed.

Kathy Paulsen: Facility Care


Samantha Ross:  Invaluable Volunteer

Samantha started with RideAble in 2008 as a volunteer.  She was certified as a CHA instructor in June of 2012, the same year she graduated from the University of Oregon with a dual degree in Psychology and Human Physiology.    She has a strong interest in how movement, physical exercise and horse-interactions impact the emotional and mental health of an individual.  As a trainer and equestrian, she is currently studying equine bio-mechanics and the utilization of this knowledge to promote healthy horses. Samantha is attending Oregon State University.  She graduatied in June 2015 with a Masters of Science in Exercise and Sports Science, with emphasis in Movement Studies in Disability and isl continuing at OSU working toward a Ph. D.

Kathy Somnitz:  Office Administrator


Anna Myrand:  Herd Manager/Volunteer Coordinator

Anna was born and raised Eugene, Oregon.  She started volunteering at RideAble as a high school sophomore in June 2012.  In April 2014 she was hired to help with herd management and volunteer training.  Anna works closely with Dr. Shaver to provide quality care for the RideAble herd gaining training and knowledge.  She is also studying equine bio-mechanics and taking classes to further her education in equine nutrition and health.


Enga Myrand: Instructor/Trainer