Old Programs


Lessons are available for individuals of all ages. Our staff designs lessons to fit the individual and their needs and abilities. Lessons can include grooming and tacking the horse, getting comfortable with horses, horsemanship lessons, and trail riding led by our instructors.

For current information about classes and how to register, please contact the office.


All sessions are currently on hold until we find a new location and increase our funding. If you are able to help with either please call us or email. We will post our new session dates as soon as we have them. Please check back to see what is happening and how you can help.


½ hours class: $25.00, Limit 3 riders at a time
1 hour class: $35.00, Limit 4 riders at a time
Private ½ hour class: $35.00
Private 1 hour class: $50.00


Riding is just one way that individuals are giving the opportunity to bond with our horse staff. For some individuals, riding is not an option for medical reasons, lack of an appropriately sized or gaited horse, fear or anxiety, and or for other reasons. PetAble is a program offered through RideAble which gives individuals the chance to bond with different kinds of animals. We currently have sheep, goats, bunnies, dogs, cats, and donkeys. You can view pictures of our currently PetAble staff on our website.


* $25 per person per half hour
* $35 per person for an hour
* $50 for 1 hour private

Group visits

Schools and organizations are able to customize group visits to meet the needs of their participants and their budget. Schools and other organizations should contact RideAble to arrange for a trip for your students/participants to meet our animal and human staff. Group trips can include riding, grooming, leading, and socializing with all the animals. Contact us today to receive an estimate!