Supplements For Horses With Heaves: Top 9 Best Choices

If you are a horse lover, then you know that it is important to be proactive with your horse’s health.

One common condition is horse heaves. If not treated properly, this disease can worsen and cause other conditions such as pneumonia or bronchitis.

To help prevent these complications, it’s important to give your horse supplements for heaves so they have the best chance of recovery.

This short guide will take a look at some of the top 9 best supplements for horses with heaves.

We will explore what each supplement does and how your horses could benefit from it.

Let’s get started.

What causes heave lines in horses?

Horses can have a problem called “Recurrent Airway Obstruction” or heaves.

The problems happen when they are allergic to something that is put in the air, like hay and dust from their barn.

What kind of supplement is good for horses with heaves?

The best type of supplement for horses with heaves is respiratory supplements. Horses are active animals, and they need a lot of exercises. They also need healthy lungs to stay healthy.

There are two types of breathing problems in horses: infectious and non-infectious. Non-infectious breathing problems in horses can be caused by dust or allergies.

You can use respiratory supplements to help with these problems. They not only help improve your horse’s lung health, but they can also help when there is a future allergy attack.

Horse respiratory supplements are good for allergy symptoms. Horse supplements contain natural substances like herbs and vitamins, which can help with clear airways, joint health, and antioxidants to fight off free radicals.

If you want to improve your horse’s joint health, you can also check out our list of the best horse joint supplements.

Top 9 best respiratory supplements to help horses with heaves

Equine Medical and Surgical Heave Ho

-8% Sale
Equine Medical and Surgical Heave Ho 30 Day Molasses 30S
  • Adaptogens for immune system
  • Opens airways
  • Clears mucus
  • Equine Medical & Surgical Heave Ho is an immune system booster that can open airways, clear mucus, and stop coughing in a short amount of time (14 days as it claimed).
  • Adaptogens are the key ingredient. The brand knows what to do when your horse’s health is compromised by illness.
  • Adaptogens strengthen your horse’s immune system so they can maintain their strength through minor illnesses like respiratory problems.
  • So if you want a happier horse who feels better faster, this Heave-ho with Equine Medical & Surgical Heave Hoo.

Farnam Cough Free Equine Respiratory Health Pellets

-26% Sale
Farnam Cough Free Equine Respiratory Health Pellets 1.75...
  • Supports normal respiratory function
  • Helps with stable cough, seasonal allergies and occasional dry cough...
  • Ideal for horses that are stabled or have restricted turnout
  • Farnam Cough Free Equine Respiratory Health Pellets are now in easy-to-give pellets.
  • They make it much easier to give your equine friend the support they need for their respiratory health.
  • The pellets are low odor, palatable, and dust-free.
  • By adding these pellets to your horse’s regular treatment regimen you can support normal respiratory function, help with a stable cough that might be due to seasonal allergies or occasional dry coughs caused by environmental irritants like dust.
  • These pelletized treats can be used with stabled horses or those on limited turnout.
  • Speak with your veterinarian before use if you’re unsure.

Hilton Herbs Freeway

  • The horse needs some fresh air.
  • The Hilton Herbs Freeway is a way to provide your equine friends with a fast-acting, easily administered liquid herbal supplement that can help support a healthy response to seasonal respiratory conditions.
  • Rich in oregano, thyme, and goldenseal, this product supports clear airways and both lower and upper respiratory tract health – from the inside out.
  • We recommend it for horses kept in stalls or barns due to poor air quality because it will give them an extra boost of herbs.
  • With each 2.1 pint bottle lasting 30 days for larger horses when used at 30ml daily, this easy-to-administer dose provides phenomenal value too.

AniMed Anihist-H

AniMed Anihist-H to Support Normal Histamine Levels in...
  • Supports normal histamine levels
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Aids in combating environmental irritants and pollutants
  • Anahit H is your loyal horsie’s battle horse. Established to help horses breathe better. A loyal Horsie’s biggest obstacle-allergens, pollutants, and respiratory irritants.
  • With the aid of Anahit H, their breathing is easier making them feel less tired on shorter days of work or play.
  • The seasoned vet approves—not only are you helping your horse live a healthier life but also prolonging their life with less stress to those delicate lungs.
  • Aide in combating seasonal allergies by supporting normal histamine levels and achieving a balance immune system stability; might as well make it easy (and pleasant) for our four-legged friends.
  • Help keep those allergens away from the sensitive nostrils of your horse.

Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals Air-Way EQ

Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals Air-Way EQ (5lb) Supports Healthy...
  • Seasonal Allergy/Immune Support
  • Supports Lung/Soft Tissue (EIPH)
  • Respiratory/Cellular Response
  • This season’s must-have for equestrians everywhere is Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals Air-Way EQ.
  • Proudly made in America, this supplement can help your horse control allergy symptoms with natural ingredients such as Dandelion Root and Quercetin.
  • Med-Vet is the only pharmaceutical company that uses these homegrown USA ingredients to avoid imports or questionable lab processes so you know Air-Way EQ is healthy and tested under the FDA’s guidelines.
  • Too often horses suffer through chronic hacking and irritation because of low levels of airway elasticity, but not anymore with Air-Way EQ.
  • The natural plant extracts found in this product will ensure that even when pollen counts are at their peak.

Silver Lining Herbs 22

-35% Sale
Silver Lining Herbs 22 Respiratory Support for Horses -...
  • EQUINE SUPPLEMENT - Silver Lining Herbs Respiratory Support supplement...
  • NATURAL SOLUTION - At Silver Lining Herbs, we believe in supporting...
  • RESPIRATORY SUPPORT- Our Respiratory Support formula supports healthy...
  • Silver Lining Herbs 22 is a botanical, natural product created specifically for equines.
  • It contains herbs that accelerate physical healing and restore chemical balance in an individual, as well as enhance the ability to ward off other unfamiliar sicknesses.
  • Our Respiratory Support formula helps clear the airways of mucous which inhibits airflow to ease breathing difficulties your animal may be experiencing.
  • Watch it go from struggling with every breath to snuggling up next to you again.
  • The great thing about this product is that it can be used preventatively or against disease already present–depending on what you’re looking for at the time.
  • Synthetic forage has vast implications on the health of your horse, but not all winter feed is the same.
  • Silver Lining Herbs recognizes these concerns and offers a solution to combat adverse conditions for horses through its holistic herbal blend.
  • Made in the US, safe, and certified, the Silver Linings formula includes Mullein, Echinacea, Irish Moss, Pleurisy Yarrow Barberry Garlic Boneset Licorice Goldenseal.

Finish Line Horse Products Air Power

Finish Line Horse Products Air Power
  • Safe for pre-event/race/performance.
  • All natural, with real honey, lemon, eucalyptus, menthol and aloe...
  • This product can be used to soothe coughs caused by illnesses, injuries, or allergies.
  • This all-natural formula includes real honey, lemon, menthol, and aloe vera.
  • The ingredients are blended with elasticized fabric for convenient horse care.
  • It is the leading provider of animal health supplies worldwide with Animal Health Supplies for horses including supplements and vitamins pre-event/race/performance.
  • Try this product when you need the best in animal healthcare products.

Heave Ho Equine Horse for Heaves

Heave Ho Horse Nutritional Supplement for Breathing...
  • Gluten-free, Non-GMO, no artificial colors
  • Certified melamine-free, pesticide-free, lead-free and drug-free
  • Certified low in sugar, starch and fructan
  • Heave Ho Equine Horse for Heaves is the first therapeutic equine feed specifically designed not only to help horses with heaves but also those who are insulin-resistant.
  • Appropriate for both young and adult horses alike, this specialty food has been thoroughly tested through feeding trials at world-class universities to be safe, healthy, delicious, and clinically successful.
  • With a variety of specially blended flavors that can fit any lifestyle – molasses for an easy flavor that everyone loves or sugar-free apple for those with Insulin Resistant/Cushings – your horse will always enjoy meals again.
  • Our hampers come complete with enough product to last you 7 days so you can sample before buying in bulk.

AniMed Histall-H

-12% Sale
AniMed Histall-H to Support Respiratory Health in Horses,...
  • Supports respiratory health in horses suffering from seasonal...
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Aids in combating environmental irritants and pollutants
  • With the changing of seasons, four-legged friends can feel itchy and restless. But with AniMed Histall-H that’s no more.
  • Get your horse some relief from seasonal allergies with this all-natural formulation by AniBasics Animal Health Products.
  • Allergy symptoms like eye discharge, nasal discharge, asthma, coughing—even wheezing—will be tamed by taking just one dosing per day; topical administration works as well to keep your horse happy year around.
  • With guaranteed potency for 120 days (that’s up to 2 months.) you won’t run out of medication any time soon; meanwhile, your friend will enjoy improved respiratory health both inside and out.

What to look for when buying

When you are choosing respiratory supplements for your horse, it is important to do a little research. You will need to know about your horse’s medicines, and what type of supplements can be used with them.

The most important thing you need to know is that supplements cannot replace any type of prescribed medication. They only work together with the medicine in order for your horse to heal faster.

A supplement is like a backup for when your horse gets sick. It can make your horse feel better, but it isn’t the only thing you should do. Look at all of your options before deciding which one will work best for your four-legged friend.

Does it smell?

Horses have a much better sense of smell than humans. They will refuse to eat something that smells bad. The reason is that they can smell things from farther away.

This means that if the supplement has a strong odor, it may make your horse sick and not want to eat.

We recommend finding a supplement that has little to no smell. If your horse does not want to eat the supplement, then it will be of no point.

What are the ingredients inside?

Some horse supplements can’t be made from sugar, spice, and everything nice. You should still pay attention to a horse supplement’s list of ingredients.

Thankfully, most horse supplements are made from a blend of all-natural ingredients. This includes things like vitamins, minerals, enzyme extracts, herbs, and more.

You can choose from many types of supplements. They help with allergies and fight inflammation. Anti-oxidants are good. You should look for cranberries, vitamin C, Omega 3 fatty acids, garlic, and aniseed for allergies, and red clover heads and coltsfoot to fight inflammation.

Does your horse have any allergies?

Allergies are when your immune system reacts to certain substances. The reaction can be severe, or it may just lead to a slight reaction like coughing or sneezing.

This happens because the allergen triggers the body’s histamines which can cause inflammation. Most of the time, this will show up on the skin or respiratory system.

What can you do to stop allergies from happening in your horse? One way is horse allergy supplements. These supplements are made for horses with allergies and will help them feel better.

They will help the horse feel less sick, less blocked up, and they won’t cough.

Which form is better? Liquid or powder?

Lung aid is important for horses. But there is one thing we have not talked about yet. Respiratory supplements are available in many different forms such as powders, pellets, and pastes.

But what you need to focus on is how customers say the supplement smells and tastes when they use it with their horses’ feeds.

Most of the time, people like to use supplements that can be mixed into a horse’s feed so that their horse likes it and eats it.


What can I give my horse for heaves?

Hay and straw are the most likely sources of hay fever. That is why horses who have hay fever should be at pasture with fresh grass, supplemented by pellets.

Will antihistamine help a horse with heaves?

Antihistamines may help some horses that have asthma, but most of them will stop responding to treatment after a while.

Recently, research has shown that feeding the horses omega-3 fatty acids helps them breathe better and stop coughing in two to four weeks.

Can horses recover from heaves?

Yes, they can. Horses might need treatment or it might just go away. Horses with heaves have asthma which is when there is too much mucus in the airway and it gets worse if they work out.

How do you treat heaves in horses naturally?

You can treat heaves in horses by doing some things.

One thing is to wet the hay so it doesn’t burn their throats. Another thing is to steam the hay so it can be easy to chew.

Skip round bales of hay because they are hard for the horse to eat. Switch from pellets if you’re using them now.

If your horse has a new stall, move him there first and then change his bedding next.

Does MSM help horses with heaves?

MSM can help horses who have allergies to dust, pollen, or molds. These horses might not have as many bouts of heaves. MSM also supports the immune system during times of stress or disease.

How much dexamethasone do you give a horse with heaves?

Dexamethasone can be given to horses by injection. It is given in doses of 0.04 mg/ kg every 3 days.

Do hay nets help with heaves?

Hay nets and hay feeders can help. Hay nets and feeders protect the hay from rain and weather. Horses with heaves should not be fed using them.


With so many options available, it is important to know what you are looking for before making a purchase.

The top 9 best supplements for horses with heaves listed above will help you make an informed decision about which product may be right for your horse and how they can benefit from the supplement. Check them out.