Top 14 Best Weight Gain Supplements For Horses

As a horse owner, you care about your horse’s health and wellbeing. You want to make sure that they are in the best shape possible so that they can perform well at shows or on trails.

One of the biggest concerns for any horse owner is weight gain (or loss). When horses lose too much weight, it makes them more prone to illness and injury. It also means that their performance decreases significantly because they aren’t able to carry themselves properly when exercising or competing.

As a result of this, many people turn to supplements like weight gain powders in order to help their animals bulk up. There are tons of different options available on the market today – which makes choosing one an overwhelming process!

To assist with your decision-making process, here are the top 14 best weight gain supplements for horses you should know about.

But first…

How can you know if your horse needs help with gaining weight?

Underweight horses have ribs that are visible. If you see this, know that your horse is underweight.

However, there might be a worm infection that would make the horse overweight without visibility of its ribs. In less severe cases, it may be difficult to tell if your horse is underweight or not from an examination alone.

To know if your horse has weight problems, look at these things:

  • Check out its neck. Is it sticking out?
  • Look at its withers. Are they sharp or round?
  • Check the tailhead. Is it sticking up?

If you think your horse is underweight, call your vet. Change the horse’s food and add a weight gain supplement to their diet.

Reviews of the top 14 weight gain supplements for horses

Farnam Weight Builder

Farnam Weight Builder Equine Weight Supplement 7.5 Pounds 30...
  • Safely adds calories without the risk of digestive upset associated...
  • Nutritionally formulated with 50% fat to help horses maintain optimal...
  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed meal, stabilized rice bran...
  • Poor weight management is an issue for many equine athletes and hobbyists.
  • Farnam Weight Builder provides a nutritionally balanced, simple, and feed-free healthy alternative to help horses maintain their optimal weight and body condition.
  • Why feed extra grain when the goal may be just as easily accomplished by adding calories without risk of digestive upset?
  • The majority of diets can be supplemented with this product’s 50% fat content because it contains no sugar.
  • Adding Weight Builder to your horse’s daily diet makes it easier for him to maintain his weight.
  • The generous servings per day help with performance and recovery time, so you can spend more time riding happily. And don’t forget about the rewards program!
  • Ready to take care of your horse? This one would be a good choice.

Horse Guard Super Weight Gain

Horse Guard Super Weight Gain Equine Vitamin Mineral,...
  • Horse Guard Super Weight Gain is a 100% corn-free, highly palatable supplement for horses to safely and effectively put on weight.
  • With Horse Guard Super Weight Gain you get all the benefits of high-quality protein without any of the risks that come with other products such as starch and sugars that can overfeed your horse’s digestive system.
  • The prebiotics in this product helps your horse feel its best through their full tummy while also helping them heal efficiently, increasing nutrient absorption rates, and speeding up recovery times from everything from stress to an injury.
  • Finally, Horse Guard Super Weight Gain offers protection for both you and your horse in a way no other competitor’s products do: it uses only FDA-approved pharmaceutical-grade ingredients which are screened.

Manna Pro Cool Calories 100

-36% Sale
Manna Pro Cool Calories 100 | Equine Dry Fat Supplement for...
  • HIGH IN FAT: Contains 99% fat, which is an excellent source of...
  • COOL ENERGY: High calorie density of Cool Calories 100 provides cool,...
  • WEIGHT AND BODY CONDITION: Concentrated source of calories supports...
  • Manna Pro Cool Calories 100 is the ideal ingredient for those with light appetites, as an energy-rich supplement to maintain weight and healthy body condition.
  • With high carbohydrate ratios and 99% fat content, it’s a concentrated source of calories.
  • Horses will enjoy this palatable product because it still contains 2x more than carbohydrates do!
  • Rich in fatty acids to support skin and coat, Manna Pro Cool Calories 100 has been specially formulated for equines with serious weight management concerns.

Adeptus Nutrition Gleam & Gain Supreme 60 (Extra omegas)

-11% Sale
Adeptus Nutrition Gleam and Gain Supreme 60 EQ Joint...
  • Ultimate coat and conditioning formula
  • 60% fat from stabilized flax meal, rice bran, soy oils, & DHA
  • High levels of Omega-3 Fatty acids and easily digested fats
  • Give your horse a sleek, shiny coat and healthy shine with Adeptus Nutrition Gleam & Gain Supreme 60 (Extra omegas).
  • High levels of Omega-3s give an enjoyable flavor that horses especially love.
  • The rich texture coats the tongue smoothly, providing complete nutrition for strong bones and hooves as well as giving the immune system a boost.
  • Calm Calories from fatty acids help maintain weight while supporting collagen production to keep joints lubricated and flexible.
  • With many added ingredients including a prebiotic yeast base without sugars or alfalfa, Gleam & Gain is low in calories and high in added benefit to your equine friend’s health.
  • Feed this supplement daily to make them gleam as they’ve never glowed before!

Manna Pro Simply Flax for Horses

-41% Sale
Manna Pro Simply Flax for Horses | Omega-3 Fatty Acids from...
  • ALL-NATURAL GROUND FLAXSEED: Manna Pro Simply Flax is made with 100%...
  • HEALTHY SKIN & COAT CONDITION: Ground flaxseed and omega 3s support...
  • IMMUNE HEALTH: Helps maintain a healthy immune system
  • Manna Pro Simply Flax is a nutritional supplement containing ground flaxseed and omega 3 fatty acids.
  • It helps maintain a healthy immune system and keeps your animals shiny, healthy, and with an improved coat condition.
  • You can feed this supplement to horses of all ages on both pastures or in the barn stall.
  • Manna Pro Simply Flax contains no fillers or additives which can have adverse effects on joints.
  • And it’s guaranteed fresh for 12 months!
  • Feed more horses by feeding one that feeds less – start them outright with Manna Pro Simply Flax.

Uckele CocoSoya Granular, Omega Fatty Acid Supplement for Horses

Uckele CocoSoya Granular, Omega Fatty Acid Supplement for...
  • CocoSoya provides a healthy fat and cool-calorie energy source to...
  • Promotes a healthy skin, a glossy coat and excellent body condition....
  • Provides significant palatability, allowing supplements to be blended...
  • Uckele CocoSoya Granular is a high-quality, human-grade fat and energy source to help build and maintain a healthy weight.
  • It contains Omega fatty acids which promote a glossier coat, healthier skin and hooves.
  • Uckele CocoSoya granules also provide significant palatability for easy blending with feed or supplements to reduce the need for molasses in your horse’s diet.
  • With its blend of Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids it supports immune defenses in a healthy inflammation response resulting in clearer skin that doesn’t break down easily when exposed to sun or windburns.
  • And because it’s highly digestible it can be fed year-round without fear of overheating typically common during summer

Vita Flex Hard Keeper Solution Horse Supplement

Vita Flex Hard Keeper Solution Horse Supplement
  • For horses that need extra calories for healthy weight, body condition...
  • Provides slow burning calories to increase energy, without making the...
  • A rich source of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids and lactobacillus...
  • For horses that need extra calories, help build muscle and maintain a healthy skin and coat condition, Vita Flex Hard Keeper Solution Horse Supplement is the perfect all-in-one horse supplement.
  • With 24 days worth of powder to last you for an entire month! Perfect for show horses, performance horses, or underweight horses – this supplement provides low-calorie energy without making him hot and unthrifty.
  • Unlike other supplements on the market, this one does not contain harmful ingredients such as corn and soy and delivers important benefits like Omega 3 fatty acids and lactobacillus acidophilus just in case his stomach isn’t quite doing its job.
  • Share your horse’s journey with us today by giving Vita Flex Hard Keeper Solution Horse Supplement a try!

Body Builder 4000 Powder For Horses

Pennwoods Equine Products Body Builder 4000 - 11 LBS |...
  • 40% fat, 26% protein nutritional supplement designed to promote weight...
  • High energy concentration & calories which permit lactation mares to...
  • Ability to keep performance horses in top body condition during peak...
  • When you’re trying to get that perfect physique for your four-leg friend, it’s important to always stay on top of its nutrient intake.
  • Body Builder 4000 Powder Horse Supplement is designed specifically for active horses with 40% fat and 26% protein concentrations as well as 11 pounds of the product providing a 22-day supply.
  • In addition to weight gain and hoof conditioner properties, this supplement offers high energy concentration and calories which permit lactations mares to maintain proper body weight.
  • Made in Centre Hall, Pennsylvania, USA.

DAC Bloom 5 lb Horse Weight Gain Calorie Hoof Skin Coat Fat Supplement

DAC Bloom 5 lb Horse Weight Gain Calorie Hoof Skin Coat Fat...
  • Helps improve overall hoof, skin and coat quality
  • Provides additional calories to assist in weight gain
  • Provides a fat and mineral profile for all classes of horses.
  • The DAC Bloom 5 lb Horse Weight Gain Calorie Hoof Skin Coat Fat Supplement is a quality horse supplement that will assist horses in weight management.
  • It contains a fat and mineral profile for all classes of horses and provides additional calories of energy to maintain or gain weight.
  • The compound also helps improve general hoof skin and coat quality by providing an excellent source of protein from whey proteins, soybean oils, alfalfa meal, yeast extracts, vegetable fibers from cabbage leaf lettuce.
  • This product does not contain any known allergens or added sugars for animal safety on any order over 500 lbs.

Formula 707 Daily Fresh Packs Equine Supplements

Formula 707 Weight Gain Equine Supplement, Daily Fresh...
  • Establish and maintain a healthy weight while improving muscle tone...
  • Vegetable fat provides easily digestible calories and increases your...
  • Accurate, pre-measured packs are convenient and easy to use.
  • Formula 707 Daily Fresh Packs Equine Supplements are a daily, palatable supplement to help you maintain a healthy weight and increase energy while not sacrificing muscle tone.
  • The product is formulated with an easily digestible vegetable fat for improved energy and a high-quality protein to promote good health. Protect your horse’s well-being by starting out on the right track!
  • This product is a convenient way to provide your horse with essential nutrients.
  • Packages are pre-measured and sealed, so they’re perfect for traveling or daily use.
  • A success formula since 1946.

UltraCruz Equine Weight Gain Supplement for Horses, 1 Gallon, Liquid

UltraCruz Equine Weight Gain Supplement for Horses, 1...
  • Equine weight building supplement
  • Provides extra calories without increasing grain intake
  • Ideal for performance horses in training and underweight horses
  • Keep your horses becoming fit and healthy with UltraCruz Equine Weight Gain Supplement for Horses.
  • When you want a product that is going to support health and fitness, this supplement is for you. It contains flax oil, an excellent natural source of essential omega-3 fatty acids.
  • This supplement helps to stabilize arrhythmia, reduce blood pressure, maintain cholesterol levels, and reduce inflammation as well!
  • And because the price point includes 1 gallon extra supply over other retailers out there today keep those workouts going strong.
  • Encourage regular good habits with UltraCruz Equine Weight Gain Supplement for Horses.
  • Featuring omega-3 fatty acids from flax oil, essential vitamins including vitamin E, and the minerals iron and copper in an easy feed mix that will keep your horse satisfied until mealtime.

Acti-Flex 5 lb Senior Powder Healthy Joint and Weight Gain Supplement

  • Acti-Flex 5 lb Senior Powder Horse Supplement is a joint and weight product for senior horses.
  • It has a special formula that will help your horse’s digestion as well as provide the nutrients to assist with maintaining healthy joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.
  • One serving of our Acti-flex provides both adequate chronic energy needs and more than enough short-term energy needs for exercise without creating lactic acid accumulation which leads to fatigue feeding off of carbohydrates thus a lesser chance of injury from strenuous activity.
  • Anyone who focuses on keeping their horses active by providing the extra supplements they need deserves this amazing supplement.

Horse Guard Glow 10 lb, Aids in Weight Gain

Horse Guard Glow 10 lb, Aids in Weight Gain and Improves...
  • High Fat Concentrate
  • Cool Energy
  • Provides Omega 3's
  • Horse Guard Glow Supplement is a nutritional supplement for horses designed to provide hair, coat, and weight gain benefits.
  • The supplement also includes omega-3 fatty acids that are required for healthy development.
  • Horse Guard Glow Supplement improves the horse’s appearance not just by enhancing its natural beauty but also by improving horse health in mutually beneficial ways!

Manna Pro Weight Accelerator for Senior Horses

Manna Pro Weight Accelerator for Senior Horses | Made with...
  • HIGH FAT AND CALORIE LEVELS: Manna Pro Senior Weight Accelerator is...
  • OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS: Contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids from flaxseed to...
  • FORMULATED FOR SENIOR HORSES: Made with probiotics to support proper...
  • Manna Pro Weight Accelerator is formulated specifically with senior horses in mind.
  • With an increase of Omega 3s, Biotin, and probiotics for digestion, this weight accelerator is made for the aging animal that just needs a little help to maintain their healthy body weight.
  • We understand it can be difficult to keep up with your senior horse’s nutritional needs as they go through old age- which is why Manna Pro has created this product!
  • Manna Pro Weight Accelerator contains essential vitamins and antioxidants necessary for maintaining your older horse’s health- so feed them now before signs of illness begin to emerge.

What to look for when buying weight gain horse supplements?

Choosing a supplement is very serious. You need to be sure that the supplement is safe and gives your horse what it needs. You should look at your horse’s diet first before taking supplements.

The active ingredients

Weight gain supplements have two types of ingredients:

Active Ingredients. These are the ones that provide the benefits.

Inactive ingredients. These only add taste and also help to preserve the supplement so you don’t worry about it going bad.

The active ingredients in a weight gain supplement are what make it work and give you the benefit, like making you weigh more or grow faster or be stronger.

When you buy weight gain supplements, look for these major ingredients: fats, proteins, and fiber. These ingredients not only build muscle but also provide benefits such as skin sensitivity.

What is its type?

There are many different types of supplements for horses. If you don’t know what type your horse likes, try to watch them eat the supplement.

The horse might show their preferences for types of supplements by how quickly they eat it or if they spit it out. You may need to experiment with different types of supplements before finding one your horse enjoys.

Any notable side effects?

When you want to give a supplement to your horse, it’s important to find one that does not have side effects. The chestnut extract helps reduce pain and swelling in the legs and is a blood thinner.

This can be bad for people with diabetes or other medical conditions so you need to find another supplement if this is the case.

It is also important that when younger or older horses take the supplement, their stomachs are not going to get upset. So it is best if you talk with a vet before giving them the supplement.

Trust signals

Before buying any supplements, make sure that they are safe. The FDA will help you find drugs that are safe. And NASC helps find supplements that are also safe. Find the supplement with a Quality Seal on it before you buy it.


How can I make my horse gain weight fast?

The best way to make your horse gain weight quickly is to feed them lots of hay mixed with alfalfa and beet pulp. They also need a high-fat commercial grain mix and a good supply of water. Also, consider using one of the weight aid products above.

What can I feed my horse to gain weight?

Horses usually eat hay and pasture. If a horse does not have enough hay, you can feed them something different like alfalfa or immature grass hay. Horses can eat the hay or the cubes/pellets for horses called alfalfa.

What is a good fat supplement for horses?

A good fat supplement for horses is canola oil. Horse owners should use this instead of corn because it contains no omega-3 fatty acids. Flax or camelina oils are better than canola because they contain more omega-3 fatty acids than omega-6 fats.

Does beet pulp help horses gain weight?

Beet pulp helps horses gain weight. Beet pulp is good for the microbes in a horse’s gut. It can be used to help an underweight horse gain weight, as it provides about 1,000 calories per pound.

How long does it take a thin horse to gain weight?

It takes different horses different amounts of time to gain weight. Horses who are underweight will need more time than those who are not. It can take up to 3-10 months for horses that were very skinny or emaciated to return to their ideal weight.

How can I put weight on my horse without getting hot?

The best way is to give them hay. Hay is good because horses get energy from the fermentation of fiber in their hindgut, and they are healthier. Horses are happier when they have more to chew on.


The best weight-gain supplements for horses will differ depending on the individual animal. But some of the most common ingredients include vitamins, minerals, and protein sources like alfalfa meal or soybean meal.

Applying these principles as well as trying the above-mentioned products with your horse’s diet may be enough to get them back in shape after a long winter’s nap!